Obsolete Through Automation

by Control

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Everyone’s got a problem, you can feel it in the air. It’s the feeling you know you’ve felt inside, in a moment we’ll all be safe from here. I know I’m a drug, I can see it in your eyes. All the lies, all the cries, all the time. Taken away.
Last call your mind’s taking the time I know, ‘cause it’s happening everywhere. It’s a problem. Time and time I know the kind, we’re not to get used to this. Tell the crowd of the heart in my chest. Another problem I’ll leave you to regret. It’s the heartless. Time and time I know the kind, we’re not to get used to this. All in all, I’m a man and that stands for something more. I’m flesh and bone. That makes me better, better than you can know. You’ll never know. Given the lay of the land, things are getting out of hand. We’re all subject to change and I’m a face in the game. But this game’s grown old and stale. I’m not gonna sit back and watch it happen again. Hundreds of thousands of lives buried under. This is progress. Time and time are you forgetting? Have we forgotten? All the players take your sides. ‘Cause it’s almost over. Keeping score the best you’ve got. Cause we strive for something more.
We say our prayers in the night, we’re always looking over and over. I know you’re alone, I’m alone, it’s harder getting older, and older. Say you didn’t mean it, you’re such a liar. Say it to believe it, living and dying alone, alone. You didn’t mean it I know you didn’t mean it. I just want to know. Now there’s a problem of identity, I can’t seem to remember me, I’ve got the weight of the world, I’ve got an ache in my gut. Never mind if I’m awake or alive, I just hope to wake up in time before it’s over too late. Ain’t that always the case? Live in fear of never living life, till the end. Accepting chances once or twice but never taking them on till he end. I’m not gonna say I’m not afraid, not afraid, I’m not afraid.
The mood sets out the feel sets in. You cannot tell, if it’s a dream. You can not tell of your position. The mirrors down you hit the ground, one more time just to stay alive. It’s what you allowed. To know what’s next, to play the game. The first ones to laugh, it’s all the same. If I can’t tell, I’d give up my reason. To fight the fire that heats my mind. Even you can’t explain it. It’s what you allowed. It’s starting again.
Run Away 03:16
This is the time, of our lives. We’ll never be here again. Don’t ever think we’ll go that way. When there is a time, well there is a place. You’ll never get a taste. Well at least we lived our lives. I’m running away. In an instant, I’m at home. Can’t remember everything. But it’s 12:34 time, that’s always the time, it’s always the time. There is a phrase that I can recall that until this time, meant nothing at all. Now it means so much to me. Don’t relive the past. Have you learned nothing at all? Living in fear of the fall. And on and on and on. What’s the difference if we’re never making progress? And time passes us by and I’m living this life.
E McHale 03:40
Don’t, I’m not good enough for you. You’ll make it through. Leave me alone. It’s no good and I’m confused. I’m taking my last breath. The darkness fades in. I’m not alone but it’s lonely fashioned. I try to speak but the words never breathe out. I can’t feel myself. Alone, we’re all alone. Nothing but reflections with nodding bad intentions. Saying things without thinking through and thinking things with no intention to make a move. Down and out from this lack of feeling. I hear a sound it’s so beautiful to me. I follow the sound. Not to worry only passers by. Can’t beat the clock I’m a vessel drifting by. You’ll never know. To be alone, to feel no good and unconsumed the conscience of my truth. We know that promises fade out. We really try, while we’re alive, we’re not in tune, I need more time, but time always runs out. And this time I’ll get it right, I’m gonna leave tonight. I’m getting out tonight I won’t be, won’t be afraid. This time I’ll get it right, I’m gonna leave tonight, I’m getting out tonight I swear I’m gonna make it. Make it out alive. Because it’s way beyond justified.
Your Rival 04:33
Strength in numbers you never prove it. Keep your ear’s to the ground. I know you’d never let me down, you’ll never let me down. This way I know. Testing violence. Take it back to the start ending other possibilities. While I’m up late at night I’m losing sleep. It’s always the same. And don’t you know it’s the fall, hard to remember. You’ll always need us of all, you know. We’re all the same. Just playing on the surface. You know you’re always on time. Making lack of mystery, you’re more mysterious by keeping dates. I’ll take what I need. You’ll give and you’ll receive. And that’s just how it is. It’s how you deal with it. And nothing in between. You feel it. Just so you know, that I’m the one missing sleep.
About time, you’re alone. I’ll follow you down, oh no. Out the door, hear the crash. I’m the first one to the accident and I’m here for you. Don’t be scared, I’m the same guy. Don’t you dare live against your own will. Now that we’re done, over again. Over again, over again, one more regret, regret till the end. On my side. It’s hard to pretend, and time to move on, the golden road ahead. Just in time for a smack in the head. The open roads the fire, decide to get in. If things were to switch sides, would you feel the same.
Time to relax, and do anything you want. Back track, start it again, you know I never deserved this kind of end. But it’s worse, then you could ever know. Back track, start it again, you know we never discuss this without red. But it’s worse, getting worse. I am alone in my heart. Whose to say, what is right and what is wrong. Time, to confess my heart. I feel crossed, I’m ancient and alone. All and all, I’m alone in my thoughts, so what’s it to you? And how’s it by you? I’m heading back to a town that’s never heard of a war. Where I could fall in love. At least in love with a time.
I tried so hard, that I can barely feel. It’s my time to shine, after all these years. I’m at the point where it don’t even matter, but I’m not throwing down my cards, no. A selfish mind and a selfish heart, come on baby play your part. It’s not pretending if it don’t even matter. Don’t let this make up your mind.
I wait for a signal to go by, I don’t mean to forget, I forget. I’m awake; at least my eyes are open, at this moment in time. And I know. I’m on the last train in the last car and I’m staying awake, I’m awake. I’m not here for my health. And if they said I would meet you again, I would have to reply with “why oh why do I care?” You don’t know. It’s just so hard to ignore. You’re saying to me “don’t worry”, that’s not useful at all. You’re telling me to stop dreaming, when I’m not even ready to forget. I feel so numb. The pain that I pushed aside, just a week or a month to get by. You are everywhere. Asleep or awake I rely, you just won’t let me down. To let me down, to relieve me from this. We’re not ready to forget, no I’m not there yet. Rest assured I’m alone in my heart, sinking away. We’re just sinking away.



released April 5, 2011

Recorded by Control & Sara Kosa at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ and Control Studios. Mixed and mastered by Control. Special thanks to Kevin Antreassian & Matt Whritenour. All songs by Control.




Control Ogdensburg, New Jersey

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