Music for a Swinging Good Time (Digital)

by Control

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4 new tunes from our split record with Entia
Track Listing -
1. Miserable
2. Pinched Nerve
3. No Remorse
4. In Time


released May 12, 2015

Recorded by John Ferrara at Portrait Recording Studios
Produced by John Ferrara & Control
Mixed by Chris Badami at Portrait Recording Studios
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio
Additional Tracking by Control at Control Studios
All Songs Written by Control
All Lyrics written by Mike Belveduto




Control Ogdensburg, New Jersey

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Track Name: Miserable
i'm a criminal left behind, from a time and a and place of simple minds, we're tearing down the walls tonight. you're a doll you have it all to lose, if i could only bring myself to you, then i'd know. if we're all broken a lie, they lied. but i'll decide when i reach my time. i never lied to you, no i never lied to you. if i told you i'd never lie, i'm without you. would you take it on faith and break my ways. if you don't decide, all of this time, then i won't be your waste of time. we'll be tearing down the walls tonight, a simple flame and a shout to heal my mind. we'll be tearing down the walls tonight. if you can't decide, all of this time, how could we decide. if you won't decide, all of this time, why make me decide. if we can't decide, all of this time, don't make me decide.
Track Name: Pinched Nerve
pick up your curtains, with great distain, i know you're voidless. you take away all the good in me, you're all but manly, another fraudulent case. keep your faith in me. with one last kiss, and one last tick, one last story. you don't know when to quit. i'm sorry for things i might have said. you showed your face. lay your head down, all in time. fraudulent end, state of mind.
Track Name: No Remorse
after paying for the news. half the time, or all the time, what are the odds, we'll misinterpret. on the walk back to his ride, all he said. half the time, or all the time, what are the odds, we'll misinterpret. revolation, discontent, no remorse. no remorse, you had your chance, smiling. one in a million, you're playing the odds, no remorse today. you gave it away.
Track Name: In Time
in time, we'll know all that we're meant to. we're falling all apart ad we know this for sure. take it from the start, in time. we live, we die, and it's alright. i'm finally parting with peace of mind. it proves we're headed to another life. another life, another time. say you won't. just watch yourself. falling apart or falling, it's always the same, you're always chocking. in time.